Lydford Forest Plan Questionnaire

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Closes 13 Oct 2023

Lydford Forest Plan

1. Please score the following interests, in terms of their importance to you or your organisation.
2. How well does the Forest Plan address your needs and interests, or those of your organisation?
3. Do you agree that the Forest Plan achieves an appropriate balance of social, economic and environmental objectives for Forestry England's Lydford Forest block?
4. Please feel free to add any further comments or feedback. If you are asking Forestry England a direct question, please include your email address and we will do our best to respond within 4 weeks of the consultation closing date.
5. If you are representing an organisation, please say which one. Otherwise, please tell us about your connection with Forestry England's Lydford Forest block e.g. neighbour, forest user.
6. Name (optional)