Forestry England Horse Riding Permits Survey

Closes 9 Apr 2023


We would like to capture the views of riders, carriage drivers, and equestrian organisations for this survey. 

Please note, the questions asked during this survey are directed at horse riders, carriage drivers, and the equestrian community. If you are none of these, you will be directed to a page where you can provide your comments if you wish to.

1. Please select one of the following options that best describes yourself.
2. Do you use Forestry England sites for riding/carriage driving?
3. Forestry England is divided into Forest Districts, as shown in the image. If known, please select the Forest District that covers the woodland you access for riding/carriage driving (please select all that apply).

Map of Forestry England Districts

4. Do you know the name of the Forestry England woodland that you visit for riding/carriage driving? If yes, please write this in the box provided.