Wass Moor and Pry Rigg Forest Plan

Closed 31 Oct 2023

Opened 4 Oct 2023


Wass and Pry Rigg forest cover an area of 663.4 hectares of mixed coniferous and broadleaved woodland and are situated at the southwest corner of the North York Moors National Park.

The block dates to the 1920s at College Moor and Pry Rigg, followed by further plantings in the 1950s on Wass Moor and is surrounded by arable farmland on the plateau, with some woodlands on valley sites.

The overall long-term vision is for its continued contribution as a productive forest. Felling will generally move away from clear felling towards Lower Impact Silvicultural Systems (LISS).

Why your views matter

Forestry England cares for the nation's forests and woodlands and regularly develop forest plans to provide continuous improvement, management and development of our sites for the benefits of nature, economy, people and climate.

We value feedback which will be taken into consideration during the consultation period.


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  • Timber, wood products and woodfuel
  • Grants and licences
  • Woodland management
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  • Pests and Diseases
  • Forest design plans