Sandhutton Forest Plan

Closed 31 Jul 2023

Opened 16 Jun 2023


Forestry England's Yorkshire District is consulting on a newly revised forest plan for Sandhutton.

This project covers:

  • Increase the diversity of the age structure and improve landscape impact by maintaining current felling patterns. Enhance external and internal landscape edges, using appropriate silvicultural systems, including LISS
  • Consider the selection of alternative main tree species that will contribute towards a greater range of species diversity, to maintain or increase timber productivity and increase resilience to plant health and biosecurity threats
  • Manage stands of productive mixed conifer and broadleaf, looking to retain existing conifer stands where appropriate and manage through LISS
  • Maintain and manage a mosaic of open and wooded heath at Worlds End Plantation, maintaining its current condition


Why your views matter

Forestry England cares for the nation's forests and woodlands and regularly develop forest plans to provide continuous improvement, management and development of our sites for the benefits of nature, economy, people and climate.

We value feedback which will be taken into consideration during the consultation period.


  • Local community member
  • Forestry Commission staff
  • Forest visitor
  • Consumers
  • Forestry Commission agent / contractor / partner
  • Government department / agency or unitary authority
  • Non-Governmental Organisation / charity
  • Commercial business
  • Wildlife management
  • Wood processor - including timber and woodfuel production
  • Woodland group
  • Yorkshire & North East


  • Forest design plans