Tyler's Wood Tree Planting Project

Closed 22 Nov 2020

Opened 5 Nov 2020

Feedback updated 23 Nov 2020

We asked

We asked people to provide feedback on proposed plans for some development work at Tyler's Wood. Thank you for your responses.

You said

There was a positive response to the consultation. The majority of respondents supported the development of more wildflowers, pathways, trees, a pond and additional seating. There was a strong interest in ensuring our forest wildlife continues to thrive and that the benefits of our forests will continue for generations to come. The majority of respondents stay up to date with our sites through the Facebook page (Thames Chase Woodlands - Forestry England) and notice boards on the site. We will continue to use these platforms and keep them up to date. There was some interest in volunteering on this project. We will continue to review Covid-19 guidance and advertise for volunteers if and when we feel it is safe to do so.

We did

Comments and feedback have been reviewed and incorporated into the development plan for Tyler's Wood. Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.


Please complete this short survey regarding the new proposed development work at Tylers Community Woodland. Tylers Community Woodland sits adjacent to the M25 in Essex, it is 2.7 miles from Rom­ford and 2.2 miles from Warley. The land was acquired by Forestry England through central government funding and was planted with 3 hectares (7.4 acres) of mixed broadleaves and conifers, in three small blocks during 2003; 9 ha. (22 acres) was left unplanted. A small car park off Warley Road gives access to a one-mile loop on a compacted stone trail, which also connects with public rights of way to the north and a footbridge over the M25. The site offers striking views overlooking the City of London. Over the next few years this proposed project will create 4.5 hectares of new woodland, 0.5 hectares of new wildflower meadow and a new wetland to provide new havens for wildlife. A new path will also be created which winds through the areas of newly planted trees, as well as six new picnic benches for people to enjoy the spectacular views of London’s skyline.


  • Local community member
  • Forest visitor


  • Recreation
  • Woodland management
  • Wildlife management
  • Forest design plans