Sefton 2024 Forests Plan Consultation

Closes 31 Aug 2024

Opened 12 Jul 2024


The Sefton Forest Plan sets out the long term management objectives for Key Wood, Brooms Cross, Roughley Wood, Jubilee Wood, Bidston Moss, Bidston Moss Nature Reserve and Cross Lane Wood and covers 210ha of woodland that lies between Birkenhead and Southport in Merseryside and Lancashire. 

A forest plan defines the long term vision for a woodland or a collection of woodlands and once approved gives permission for all felling and restock operations in the first 10 years and outlined approval for all the medium term operations (10-50 years).


Why your views matter

A lot of care and expertise goes into producing these plans and we are interested in the views of local people and users of the forest, and to know about any data sets collected in these woodlands which may affect our future management.

It is a requirement that all Forestry England woodlands are managed to the high standards needed to meet the UK Woodland Assurance Standard that in turn ensures sustainable forest management certification of the Public Forest Estate is maintained.

The forest plan is available to download as a PDF below or alternatively viewable online within the Survey. 

The online consultation will run until 31st August 2024.  Any comments should be submitted through the online survey form before the closing date. Feedback received after the closing date cannot be considered.

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  • Wildlife management
  • Wood processor - including timber and woodfuel production
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  • Education and academia
  • Central England
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  • Education and learning
  • Timber, wood products and woodfuel
  • Woodland management
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Forest design plans