Kingscote Forest Plan

Closed 21 Nov 2021

Opened 14 Oct 2021

Feedback updated 30 Nov 2021

We asked

The external consultation for the Kingscote forest plan was open for five weeks in October / November 2021. Posters were put up at the entrances to the wood, directing people to an online survey.

The Forestry England planner and forester held an informal drop-in public consultation session at Kingscote in early November, which was a great opportunity for us to meet some of the woodland users and answer questions about the plan.

You said

The majority of the 18 respondents to the online survey describe themselves as neighbours and walkers. There were also comments from Natural England and a local forestry contractor.

Respondents scored functions of the forest plan (including biodiversity, communities, forest products, and recreation) in terms of importance to them / their organisation. All respondents scored most of the functions as ‘important’ or ‘very important’, and most said that the forest plan addresses their needs and interests ‘very well’ or ‘well’, indicating that this is a woodland that is able to deliver a range of benefits for people and wildlife.

We did

More detail about the responses is provided in the results section of the consultation below.

Results updated 30 Nov 2021

Here are the results from the external consultation on the Kingscote Forest Plan from October / November 2021.



The Forest Plan for Kingscote Wood, near Horsley in Gloucestershire, is due for renewal.

Forest Plans define our long-term vision for a woodland or a collection of woodlands, and set out how our management will move towards achieving this vision over the next ten years.

We would like to invite you or your organisation to leave some feedback on our proposed revision to the Forest Plan, which is available to download below in PDF format.


Why your views matter

As part of the forest planning process, we carry out consultation with internal and external stakeholders, to ensure that the objectives of the plan are balanced appropriately, and to meet the requirements of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard, through which our woodlands are accredited.

This online consultation will be available until Sunday 21st November 2021.

We will summarise the feedback and our responses during December in the 'We asked, You said, We did' area. Your comments will be anonymous - you can choose to leave your name, but we won't include it in our summary.


What happens next

Once this online stakeholder consultation has closed, we will examine the feedback and where appropriate, will incorporate suggestions into the Forest Plan. We will summarise the feedback on the 'We asked, You said, We did' page.

We will then submit the Forest Plan to the regulatory arm of the Forestry Commission for approval.


  • Local community member
  • Forest visitor
  • Forestry Commission agent / contractor / partner
  • Government department / agency or unitary authority
  • Non-Governmental Organisation / charity


  • Forest design plans