High Stand Forest Plan 2021

Closed 9 Mar 2021

Opened 9 Feb 2021

Feedback updated 17 Mar 2021

We asked

Members of the public and stakeholders were invited to the consultation of the draft proposals for the High Stand Forest Plan 2021-2031, to leave feedback to ensure that the plans objectives and proposals were considered and balanced. This was carried out via emails and notices displayed in the forest. 

You said

There were a handful of responses to the consultation from members of the public, with most supporting the forest management objectives. The main points and concerns raised include the following:

  • Continued focus on High Stand as a wildlife habitat
  • Continued focus on quiet community use is welcomed
  • More to be done to reduce antisocial behaviour around car park

We did

Comments and feedback were incorporated into the Forest Plan where necessary.

High Stand is valued by the local community for its relatively low visitor numbers and quiet community feel, this is something this Forest Plan aims to continue with no objectives to increase visitor numbers. Many members of public identified the wide range of species who call High Stand home and recognise the role the forest plays in providing these habitats. This Forest Plan seeks to continue the management principles which have allowed these habitats to flourish in the past, including management of trackside verges for butterflies and moths. This has been made a clear in the Forest Plan following feedback.

Forest Plans primarily focus on woodland management. The proposals to address antisocial behaviour in the High Stand plan focus on woodland management solutions to these issues, such as thinning the area around the car park to increase visibility from the public road. Additional suggestions such as the use of cameras and height barriers have been passed onto the appropriate team for consideration.

This forest plan has now been submitted to the Forestry Commission for approval.


Forest plans define the long term vision for a woodland or a collection of woodlands and set out how management will move towards achieving this vision over the next ten years.

We would like to invite you or your organisation to leave some feedback on our proposed revision to the forest plan covering the woodlands at High Stand. This forms part of our consultation with stakeholders, that helps to ensure that we achieve an appropriate balance of objectives.

Why your views matter

The forest plan for High Stand has come up for renewal. We are asking for your feedback to ensure the objectives are considered and balanced for the proposals being put forward in this rewrite for these woodlands.

It is also a requirement that all Forestry England woodlands are managed to the high standards needed to meet the UK Woodland Assurance Standard that in turn ensure sustainable forest management certification is maintained.

The forest plan PDF is at the bottom of this page.

This part of the consultation will run until 10th March 2021.

What happens next

Once this online stakeholder consultation has closed, we will examine the feedback and will, where possible, incorporate suggestions into the forest plan.

We will then submit the forest plan to Forest Services, the regulatory arm of the Forestry Commission, for any further consultation needed before approval.


  • Landowner / manager
  • Local community member
  • Forest visitor
  • North England


  • Forest design plans