Cromford & Shining Cliff Forest Plan

Closed 24 Apr 2018

Opened 20 Mar 2018


The Cromford and Shining Cliff Forest Plan (FP) summarises proposals by the Forestry Commission for the management of Cromford (84.7ha) and Shining Cliff Woods (79.1ha) which lie 5km south of Matlock and 17km northwest of Derby respectively

Principle management objectives for the FP will be to remove the invasive conifers from the SSSI and restore these areas back to broadleaved woodland; diversify the species and age structure to mitigate against the impacts of climate change, pests and disease; grow commercial crops on a sustainable basis; manage public access in both woods; conserve the landscape and conservation value of the woodlands


Why We Are Consulting

We are asking for your feedback to ensure the objectives are considered and balanced for the proposals being put forward in the new Forest Plan and if anyone has any data sets associated to these woodlands which we need to take into account prior to submissiion for approaval, this is the opportunity.

It is also a requirement that all Forestry Commission woodlands are managed to the high standards needed to meet the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS) that in turn ensure sustainable forest management certification of the Public Forest Estate is maintained.

The Forest Plan is available to download below in PDF format  or alternatively viewable online within the Survey.

This part of the consultation will run for 4 weeks until 24th April 2018.

Any comments should be submitted through the online survey form before the closing date.

Feedback received after the closing date may not be able to be considered.

Please select the 'Related'  documents links below to read the documantation and view the maps in the Cromford & Shining Cliff Forest Plan. 


What Happens Next

The online Stakeholder Consultation has now closed.  We are examining the feedback and where possible, will incorporate suggestions into the Forest Plan.

We will then submit the Forest Plan to Forest Services, the regulatory arm of the Forestry Commission, for any further consultation required prior to approval.


  • Landowner / manager
  • Local community member
  • Forestry Commission staff
  • Forest visitor
  • Forestry Commission agent / contractor / partner
  • Wildlife management
  • Wood processor - including timber and woodfuel production
  • Woodland group
  • Central England
  • North West & West Midlands


  • Forest design plans