Forestry Commission Trade Unions staff survey

Closed 28 Sep 2020

Opened 21 Sep 2020


This is a quick, easy survey to discover what staff know and don’t know about Trade Unions within the Forestry Commission.  The Unions need your input to be the best they can be for you. Your response will be anonymous.

Why your views matter

The results from this survey will help to gain a broad knowledge across all sections of the Forestry Commission (Forestry England, Commissioners' Office, Forest Services and Forest Research). All Forestry Commission Trade Unions will benefit from the data produced. Your answers will be a guide to all Trade Unions to enable them to know where they need to focus their attention on in the future. 

What happens next

The data will be sent to all Trade Unions to enable them to see how well known Trade Unions are across Forestry.


  • Forestry Commission staff


  • Organisational change