Finance Transition: systems survey March 2018

Closed 23 Apr 2018

Opened 23 Mar 2018


The finance transition project team need to find out what IT systems people are currently using, and the identity of the computers they are using them on.

This is business critical information to allow the effective roll-out of new systems.

Please can you complete this quick survey as a matter of urgency.


Why We Are Consulting

As you will be aware, the Finance Transition Project involves upgrading our applications to the latest versions of the relevant software e.g. we will move from eFinancials v4.2 to eFinancials v5.0.

The newer versions of eFinancials/Drive/SRP etc require newer versions of a piece of software (Java) that runs on each individual’s PC/desktop, while the current older versions that we use are not fully tested on the latest versions of Java.

IS in Central Services have provided us with solution that allows users to access the current systems (using Java 6 or 7) from their desktop as normal, and access the new systems via a ‘remote desktop’. However, this solution is quite ‘clicky’ – it takes a while to get to the landing page for each application. In addition, it is only licenced for a limited number of concurrent users.

We are therefore keen to have as many people as possible move to Java 8 once we transfer to the new systems. In order to assess whether you can move to Java 8, we need to be sure that this will not disrupt your use of any ‘legacy’ systems.

Please note that you will be able to access historic data in everything but eFinancials once you have been moved over to the new systems. Plans are in place to take copies of relevant eFinancials data.


  • Central England
  • East England
  • North England
  • South England
  • West England
  • Yorkshire
  • East & East Midlands
  • North West & West Midlands
  • South East & London
  • South West
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  • Organisational change